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On this page I hope to be able to answer a lot of the questions that I've heard from artists and remove some of the assumptions that people have about the show.  Although the Affordable Arts Festival is a new concept for the Colorado arts festival circuit, it is founded on the 44 year history of a similar event in Milwaukee.  After 3 years of research (including doing the show myself) the Affordable Arts Festival has modeled itself utilizing all of the success in Milwaukee that has translated into a great show for the artists.

I hope you will consider being a part of this new and exciting festival - Jim DeLutes - Director


If you have questions that have not been covered on this page, please click here to email me.


  • A great opportunity for artists to sell work that has been sitting around unsold for awhile. These might be pieces that are no longer your current style of work, pieces that are in discontinued frames, pottery whose glaze didn't quite fire the way you wanted, pieces that you overstocked thinking they would be a great seller (now they are piled up in the cellar!), prototypes of work, test prints of photographs or artwork and generally any art pieces that, although nice work, have not sold for awhile.
  • An opportunity for artists that may have stopped doing art shows and have inventory left over with no real avenues to sell their work.
  • A festival where artists can create a line of work that will sell for less than $100 but would sell for more at other events.
  • A festival where every patron knows ahead of time that they can afford every single piece of art at the show. This completely removes the cautious nature of buyers at other festivals and turns almost 100% of the patrons into buyers.
  • A great place to make room in your studio, garage, basement, etc for all of your NEW work and the ability to turn art that you've been tripping over for years into income.



  • A craft fair or a flea market. The success of this show is built on artists who have good quality art available at great prices.
  • A 'prints only' show or a show just for items that are always priced under $100. If you don't have any good deals for people, why wouldn't they just buy from you at any other show. They won't feel compelled to buy at the Affordable Arts Festival from you if they know they can just see you at another show later. You don't have to have every piece in your booth be a discounted piece but not having any deals will not be the best way to drive traffic to your booth.





The Affordable Arts Festival is different than other festivals and hopefully the following answers will explain how and why this event will be fun for everyone.


Why $100 or less?

This price point has been shown to work very well for the art buyers. It allows them to know as they come to the festival that every single piece of art in every booth is extremely affordable. This removes the concerns that most people have when going to an arts festival whether they will find something that they both like and can afford. 


When is the festival and what are the fees for artists?

The festival is Sunday August 27, 2017 from 9-3, with set up available on Saturday August 27. The application fee is $30 and booths are $225.


Is this an art show or a craft show?

This is an art  and fine craft show. Don't let the $100 price fool you. This is great art at really great prices.


How does this show differ from other arts festival?

There are several key points that make this festival different than most. First, the buying public will know when they come to this show that they can afford 100% of the art in the festival. Because the buyers know there are good deals to be had, they tend to show up early and move quickly through the show to find the best deals first. Artists may find that some of the more shrewd buyers will not want to be slowed down by carrying purchases so they will ask the artists to hold their purchases until they come back (of course they pay now, pick up later). Artists need to be ready to 'bag and tag' the art with the clients name. Since we expect the crowds at this event to grow as word gets out, each artist will have a 10x15 booth to have room enough to have people see their work.


What kind of artists will exhibit at this festival?

There will be a wide range of art shown at the festival. As with all arts festivals there will be Painters, Jewelry, Glass, Sculpture, Photography, Wood, Fiber, Pottery, Mixed Media, Drawing, Pastels and others. For 2017 there will be a maximum of 150 artists.


Do I have to have my ZAPP images reflect the $100 pieces that I'll be showing?

No, we will assume that your current ZAPP images will at least reflect the quality of work that you do but you do not need to have special images done for the  Affordable Arts Festival. 


Why would an artist want to sell work that is worth more than $100 for a lesser price?

Artists from the different media will have different reasons for having art that is sold for less than its original price. Some artists will have older work that is not quite their current style and can't be shown with their new work, some will have prototypes or experiment pieces from over the years, some limited edition prints that had too many printed, images in discontinued frames, potters who have pieces that the glaze didn't quite fire the way they wanted or glass artists whose pieces got a small bubble in them or the color didn't quite come out right. Then there are the artists who may have stopped doing art shows and have inventory left over from those days.


Why is the show only one day?

Because of the great deals at this festival, the best deals will be gone in that first day so there really is no need to do a second day.


Is all of the art normally priced under $100 or are there good deals to be found?

As stated above, there will be a lot of work that is normally $100 or less but there are also a lot of deals to be had including pieces that were originally priced over $1000.


Why is it held at the Arapahoe Community College campus?

There are quite a few good reasons why the campus was chosen over other locations. First, the campus has the space to handle the number of artists that will be exhibiting in a level, grassy field that is visible by all of the traffic driving by on the 6 lanes of Santa Fe Drive. There are over 1200 free parking places on the campus for customers. The light rail has a stop across the street from the campus as well as the RTD bus stop on campus so people can come to the festival without having to drive. The show will benefit the non-profit foundation of the college plus they have an extensive arts and design school there which ties in nicely to supporting the arts.


Why is there a $10 admission fee?

The admission fee is to benefit the Arapahoe Community College Foundation with scholarships, etc.

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